gnus ai

 Unlock AI’s Potential: Get Paid to Play, Help Humanity – GNUS.AI 

   🔋Powered by SuperGenius L2 Private Chain using state-of-the-art ZkSnark and ZKEVM rollups. Deployments: All Chains with Cross-Chain Swaps via SquidRouter.  

 Imagine earning while contributing to groundbreaking technology. GNUS.AI makes it a reality. Our platform uses your gaming console, computer, or even mobile device to perform advanced AI/ML tasks. You earn a unique digital currency – GNUS or in-game tokens – shared with developers, while humanity benefits from the collective AI power.

 Your participation unlocks financial opportunities while propelling cutting-edge technology forward, shaping a better future for all.

   ⚡️Embedded into games or applications on computers, game consoles, and mobile devices
   ⚡️Payouts are split between GNUS, game/app developer, and device owner
   ⚡️Built-in trading platform to swap crypto and NFTs across games and 28 different blockchains
   ⚡️With low-cost AI/ML tools at its core, paves the way for a future where technology empowers humanity

Limited Presale

GNUS.AI is having a presale of the token.

We are only telling minimal groups about the presale, and you will need the access code below.

 Presale Access Code: gnus-ai-rocks-2024 is planning on listing on Fjord Foundry at $1.00-$1.60 during ETH Denver, showing the technology to 25k+ BUIDLRs, and after that, we plan on listing on one of the top tier CEX exchanges in Q2 2024 at an estimated $5.00.  If anything like $TAO you know what can happen. Our project is like Bittensor but on steroids for every device, not just stakers and miners. will also be at the Game Developer Conference for our launch at the end of March 2024 with a booth to promote the integration of blockchain and web3 into indie games.