Genius Crypto Token for A.I. Processing

More than a Crypto Token. Genius (GNUS) tokens are at the heart of a unique and patented blockchain and software system.  The primary GNUS token is a multichain asset that can be used for decentralized GPU utilization. Also known as DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks)

The ERC-20 Token symbol on Ethereum/Polygon is GNUS, the BRC-20 Token symbol is BGNS,

**Coming soon: Solana (SLP), Cardano Native Token, and more.


Genius Ventures


Genius Tokens Blockchain

Utilizing unused cycles of Compute Devices on computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices, the system processes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning data on an end-user device. The end-user is then paid in Genius Crypto tokens that can be reused for In-App purchases or converted back to other currencies. In addition, the entire system easily integrates into Computer and mobile games and applications.


Customers request data processing for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning and pay into an account that converts the currency into Genius Tokens. The transaction happens via a distributed web interface and payment/cryptocurrency conversion system. The customer then uploads or references data to be processed.


The data to be processed is uploaded to an encrypted area in a distributed file system. As part of the transaction, storage costs are charged against the deposit. If the customer has storage for their data, the system then references this data through secure SSL transactions with the individual customer's own SSL public key.


Using a distributed networking system, similar to peer-to-peer games, the transaction is communicated to participants with games and apps installed that can process the AI data. The workload is divided and distributed to individual nodes for processing in a standalone app or while running a game.


After processing, all nodes report results to a fast blockchain that aggregates the results data and verifies that nodes aren’t cheating the system. The data is verified with a parity verification node and encryption verification. The data is then stored in the distributed files system or returned to the customer's storage area.


After the data has been validated, a transaction is completed and sent to the main blockchain. The blockchain moves the payment in Genius tokens out of escrow, ready to be distributed to the individual nodes that processed the data.


Once AI processing is complete, the blockchain contract distributes 70% of the Genius tokens to all the individual nodes' wallets. The publisher of the app or game will then receive 20%, with Genius Ventures receiving 10%. The users can convert the tokens to regular currencies or use them for in-app purchases.


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The Cross-Platform Power of

The system is truly cross-platform and can be integrated into most devices.

Works everywhere:

Works everywhere:

Code and SDK works on all devices, including Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile, XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo, and IoT Devices.

Always available

Always available

Stand-alone applications, embedded systems, or games with the SDK integrated can run the processing.



The customer can select A.I. or Machine learning algorithms through a customer portal, and data can be uploaded or served directly from the customer's secure servers.



Growth is organic in two ways
1. User Acquisition costs are almost zero
2. Users get paid to process data, enticing them to use your game or app more.



The hybrid Crypto token system uses a fast internal Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based blockchain that executes transactions in microseconds.



Development of the SDK is targeted for Mobile devices first and uses the compute devices on any system.


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving. 

Q4 2024
Q3 2024
Q3 2024
Q1 2024
Oct 2023
Aug 2023
2021 - 2022
Jun 2021
May 2021
Apr 2021
Oct 2020
Jan 2018
Make Games/Apps!
Start making our own games and apps that are fun to play and entertaining
SuperGenius Blockchain Final
Continued games and app integration into SuperGenius blockchain

Live Network "final" Launched

Video Streaming Application (You get paid to watch)
New Games/App Integrations!
200+ games and other apps integrated into the SuperGenius blockchain.

The wallet is released to Trade Tokens on TestNet

Onboard other Projects

Cross-chain bridge working on Ethereum Mainnet, BSC & Matic Networks
Test Net Launch!
Official Test Net Launch and release to the public.

New Token Launch Cross-Chain

Customer Portal
The customer portal is finished and ready for customers to place orders. Customers can now redeem their prepurchased tokens or purchase new tokens for AI and Machine learning processing. Game Developer Conference

Bitmart Listing Slated for March 20, 2024
App UI Development
App User Interface Development for user wallet and redeeming of tokens if finished. The App enters the beta phase at this time.
App Development
App Development includes a mobile wallet, a mobile SDK for game integration, and a stand-alone desktop application. The SDK for integration into other apps and games is available for developers.
Pandemic and Ukraine
During this time period, we were hit with the Pandemic and the Russian/Ukrainian War which hindered our development efforts.
MVP/Initial Token Offering
Initial Token Offering is launched to presell A.I. processing to future customers. This allows for the continued development of the Apps, Games, and customer portal.
Slow Blockchain
Slow Blockchain implementation, including Dapps on the Ethereum Network for processing AI transactions, has finished development and is ready for Initial Token Offering.
Hybrid Blockchain Development
Hybrid blockchain Development starts with architecture integrating Fast Blockchain technology with slow blockchain technology. Lots of coding is happening!
Fast Blockchain
Fast Blockchain development implementation is designed, and coding begins on implementing a fast Directed Acyclic Graph blockchain.
Game Development
Development of Games and the idea of blockchain integration into AI processing has started. Sample game, shaders, and SDK development began here.


Genius Mobile App

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can manage everything.  Anyone with a smartphone. Computer, IoT devices, and an internet connection can participate in the global system. 

Our Genius Wallet acts as an ERC20/BRC20 Wallet and has a built-in Distributed App (DApp) for earning crypto.  This allows you to participate in the AI/ML global Processing and collect fees.

  • See your earnings in the App
  • Charts showing GPU Processing power
  • Transfer GNUS <-> SGNUS directly
  • Transfer GNUS tokens to another wallet
  • Transfer GNUS/BGNS cross-chain
  • No more expensive fees



Kenneth Hurley


Brent Arias


Henrique Klein

Director of SW Development


Michael Hara

Director at Hercules Capital
Ex-Nvidia VP


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